• New Album Released – Dead Star

    It’s that time again!  After three years of work, I’m super happy to say that Dead Star, my latest Partition 36 album, has been released!  You can stream it and download it in multiple formats from its album page.

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  • Not dead!

    This is just a quick update to say that Partition 36 is not dead.  Not even close.  It’s just going through a rough patch (specifically some personal issues) where releases are going to be coming out a lot more slowly.  So for now, just keep watching this page.

  • More Download Options

    Not only is everything now free, but there are also more options for downloads!

    To start, you can stream everything right off the website. Just go to the Discography page, find the album you want to listen to, and go to it. You’ll find an embedded player right there.

    Also, every album (and EP/single) can be downloaded in its entirety in MP3 format. There are also options for audio enthusiasts to get each album in Ogg Vorbis or FLAC format as well. All of these are at the bottom of each album page.

    Lastly, just so everyone understands, Partition 36 is not going away. Far from it – a new album is already underway!  This change to everything being free is just a reflection that I want everyone to be able to enjoy my music.

    If you do wish to support Partition 36, you can do so in two ways.  First, spread the word!  Share the website on social media sites, burn copies for your friends, whatever!  You can also support Partition 36 through the PayPal link on the right.

  • Everything Is Now Free

    As of today, all Partition 36 albums, EPs, and singles are free. Fans may donate if they would like when downloading an album, but it’s not necessary.

    Enjoy the music and help spread it around!

  • New EP released – H₂SO₄

    Guess what… a new Partition 36 EP has been released! H₂SO₄ is a trip back into the past with a minimalistic acid house track, two remixes, and a brand new EBM song. The EP is totally free and can be downloaded in MP3 for FLAC format from its album page.

  • New Album Released – Waveforms

    I’m extremely excited to announce that the new Partition 36 album, Waveforms, has been released! The album can be purchased and downloaded in MP3 for FLAC format from its album page. It only costs $7, so what are you waiting for? Go get a copy!

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  • New Album Update

    The next Partition 36 album, which has been in production for about a year and a half, now has a title: Waveforms. As I mentioned on Facebook a few weeks ago, it looks like Waveforms is really close to being finished, too. Close enough, in fact, that I feel comfortable in saying that it should be released in about two months.

    The new album will probably have 12 tracks, and similar to 63, it will be a mix of synthpop, industrial, and trance music, as well as some newer styles that I’ve been playing with.

    In case you’re curious, the current track list is as follows:

    1. Ending Dreams
    2. The Mainframe
    3. Excessive Exposure
    4. Mr. Robinson
    5. Awaken
    6. Tell Me What You’d Do
    7. The Power Core
    8. Dreams
    9. Extreme Terror (Album Version)
    10. An Afternoon River
    11. ?????
    12. Colorado

    And here is the album artwork (click it for the full-sized version):


  • Project Announcements

    There hasn’t been much news lately, but that’s mostly because I’ve been busy working a few different projects.

    The first is actually a mod for the original Doom that I call “Doom Remastered”.  It takes the original soundtrack and completely re-records it, giving it a much-needed refresh.  But, it also stays true to the original music by not taking any liberties with sound choices (i.e., a part that used to be played on a string ensemble sound still uses a string ensemble).  It’s about 95% finished, with me only needing to finish tweaking the tracks until they sound good.  When it’s finished I’ll release it both as the mod (a PK3 compatible with both Doomsday and ZDoom-derivatives for those who know what those are), and as a normal album for those who don’t play Doom.  The expected release date is about two weeks from now.

    Besides the mod, I’ve also been working on a new album!  There’s not much I want to say about it right now except that I’ve got a large pool of songs that I’m pulling from, and so it’s already more than halfway done.  But, not all of the songs I’m working with will be going on the new album.  Instead, what I’ve decided to do is release whatever is left over on a new EP.  I’m planning to have both of them out by mid to late summer, so keep checking back for progress updates!

  • 63 Remix Project, new song uploaded to SoundCloud, and Bandcamp Page

    Whoa, how in the heck did I forget to mention this here?  Partition 36 is now on Bandcamp, where you can listen to a few albums, and purchase some of the newer ones.  The URL is partition36.bandcamp.com so be sure to drop by and check it out.

    Next, the 63 Remix Project is finished!  Actually, it was finished in June and even announced on Facebook, so again, I have no idea how I forgot to mention it here.  Oh well, drop by the page and check it out!  A HUGE thanks to the contributors for their awesome remixes.

    Lastly, here’s a brand new song I finished just tonight.  I’m not sure if it’s going to be on the new EP or the new album (yep, new stuff coming up) yet, but for now, you can listen to it online.  Enjoy!

  • Blog now up! Sorta…

    If you haven’t noticed, the Tumblr-based Partition 36 blog is no more. From here on out you can instead expect the blog to exist here, directly on the Partition 36 site. There aren’t any posts yet, but keep an eye out on the blog page for some to show up soon.

    Oh, and here’s the address!  https://www.partition36.com/blog/