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    Who is Partition 36?

    Partition 36 is an electronic music band created in 2005 by its sole member, Alexa Jones-Gonzales. During its formative years, Partition 36 was focused on producing trance-like sounds and electronic dance music.  However, Alexa felt that the band was capable of doing a lot more with sound, and so she evolved Partition 36 into its own unique form of electronic music.  Today Partition 36 blends EBM/Industrial music with Kraftwerkian sounds, downtempo ambient textures, strong beats, and progressive trance music.


    Ok, so… what should I listen to first?

    The latest stuff!  Alexa recommends starting with 63 and The Optic Nerve since these represent the sound she is aiming for with Partition 36.


    Where is Partition 36 heading?

    On October 20th, 2012, Alexa released her fourth full-length album, 63.  Similar to the previous two releases, most of the music is a mixture of synthpop, industrial, and old demo scene music. However, 63 took the styles much further, developing the combination into something that Alexa could truly call the Partition 36 sound.

    Alexa has also been collaborating with Eric Des Marais on an abstract electronic music project called treeFungus.


    Where can I find more things related to Partition 36?


    Wait, I thought Partition 36 was started by Andrew…

    It was!  That was just Alexa’s old name.


    When does the Narwhal bacon?

    The Narwhal bacons at midnight.