• Doom Remastered

    Doom Remastered cover

    Doom Remastered is a mod for Doom that takes the original music and updates it using modern software and recording techniques. The original MIDI files (converted from MUS) were used instead of rewriting things so that the tracks would be as close to the originals as possible. This also means that instruments were not changed; if the original song had an oboe part, so does the remastered version. From there some effects (reverb, chorus, delays, etc.) were applied to enhance the sound.

    The mod is made for ZDoom-based ports, as well as for Doomsday. In ZDoom-based ports, the title of the song will be displayed upon entering a level.

    Click below to download the mod (PK3 for Doomsday and ZDoom-based engines):

    The music for Doom Remastered can also be downloaded by itself here: