• 63 Released

    Great news, 63 has been released! You can listen to the entire album online, as well as download it in MP3 for FLAC format, from its album page.  There’s also a write up that talks about each track on the Partition 36 blog.  You can find that write up here.

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  • Tentative Release Date for 63

    The tentative release date for the next Partition 36 album, 63, has been set for December 5th of this year – just in time for my birthday!  As I’ve mentioned in my blog from time to time, 63 will be a two-disc set.  Disc one will be available for purchase (still working out where and how) and will make up the album proper.  Disc two will be completely free and will be made up of remixes of songs from disc one.  As usual, everything will be licensed under a Creative Commons license.

    Stay tuned to the website, the Facebook page, and the blog for more info!

  • Website is back up

    The website is back up and has been redesigned! There is also a new “About/FAQ” page that I suggest checking out, and the Equipment page has been updated slightly.

    Enjoy and be sure to pass the page along to others!

  • Partition 36 Website Redesign

    The Partition 36 website is undergoing a redesign!  Things should now move faster and be easier to navigate.  Please give me a few days to fix everything up.  In the meantime, why not listen to some Partition 36 on YouTube or follow me on Twitter?