• Project Announcements

    There hasn’t been much news lately, but that’s mostly because I’ve been busy working a few different projects.

    The first is actually a mod for the original Doom that I call “Doom Remastered”.  It takes the original soundtrack and completely re-records it, giving it a much-needed refresh.  But, it also stays true to the original music by not taking any liberties with sound choices (i.e., a part that used to be played on a string ensemble sound still uses a string ensemble).  It’s about 95% finished, with me only needing to finish tweaking the tracks until they sound good.  When it’s finished I’ll release it both as the mod (a PK3 compatible with both Doomsday and ZDoom-derivatives for those who know what those are), and as a normal album for those who don’t play Doom.  The expected release date is about two weeks from now.

    Besides the mod, I’ve also been working on a new album!  There’s not much I want to say about it right now except that I’ve got a large pool of songs that I’m pulling from, and so it’s already more than halfway done.  But, not all of the songs I’m working with will be going on the new album.  Instead, what I’ve decided to do is release whatever is left over on a new EP.  I’m planning to have both of them out by mid to late summer, so keep checking back for progress updates!